Free Fall Diving

Free Fall Diving – When we dive down, the pressure of the water compresses the air in our body. The more it does, the smaller our lungs become so the less buoyant we are. We are floating on the surface, and it takes effort to get to the point of ‘neutral buoyancy’, which is where we are practically weightless. If we dive deeper than that, gravity catches us, and we don’t need to move any more to get deeper: we start free falling.

I’m falling into an endless abyss, the pressure on my body is increasing. I don’t care about the one thing my body needs the most: I can not breathe, and I’m moving away from the air, faster and faster.

It doesn’t hurt, I don’t feel fear. My thoughts are gone, my body knows what to do, and I don’t need to know anything more. It doesn’t matter, who I am, or if I am at all. My heart is beating slower and slower. There is no more good and bad, no light, no sound, no love, no live, no past, no future. I’m no longer human, time does no longer exist, I’ve long forgotten, that I have forgotten everything I’ve ever cared about: I am safe, and I am home.