FREEDIVING – Feel the freedom!

Freediving is an adventure, deep in a different world. It doesn’t matter, if you just look for fun and pleasure in the water, or if you train hard, there is one thing for sure: Freediving makes happy. We will never be sure, why we like it so much: It might be a deeply felt spiritual connection to the ocean, our ancient home. On the other hand, the good feeling is quite likely caused by a neurochemical reaction in human brains, somehow connected to the diving reflex. Anyway, freediving is one of the best things in life, it enriched and changed many peoples lives.

Learn Freediving or improve your Skills

When you start freediving, you will be impressed how fast you can learn to stay calm under water and hold you breath for minutes. In the beginning it’s almost exclusively about your mind. And, the more you increase your diving, the more you will learn to let go. And soon freediving becomes a very interesting mixture between controlling your mind and challenging yourself physically.

At one point you will be able to temporary give up your connection to the dry world and air, and you will forget about everything. This is the best part of it.