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„The ocean is like a god for a freediver, you talk to the ocean you pray to the ocean you love the ocean sometimes you even hate the ocean but in the end you know you cannot live without the ocean.“
(Ocean Men – Umberto Pelizzari)

Combine the two – join the crew!

Apnea Sailing organizes trips to different places. Areas, crew and ships are changing, so it’s never the same. We like exploring, and sharing our discoveries with you: underwater live, reefs, caves, islands, jungles, villages, exotic food or being our own ship’s cooks, and much, much more… there is a lot to experience, while living without solid ground under your feet.

We are living on a sailing ship, so the wind decides a lot between relaxing times and adventure. It’s one of the great things about nature, that it’s never completely predictable. We pick areas and seasons well, and then we take what the weather gives us.

Anyway, we are small and flexible groups. So, we – altogether – decide what’s on the freediving schedule and how much time we spend how deep. Training, deep diving, swimming with fish, getting certified (AIDA), hanging out at reefs, making friends with underwater inhabitans and collecting materials for our cameras. We’ll get a little of everything and put the focus where you like it. Check our schedule for the next trip. Or give us a note,  if you would like to be informed about further plans.

Freediving Instructor, Sailor, Doctor – Sam Gebauer

Apnea Sailing – Sam Gebauer
Hello, my name is Sam Gebauer and i am a professional Freediving Instructor, Sailor and Doctor. Freediving is my passion wich i love to share. I have many years of expirience an teached many people in Freediving and freefall diving.

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